Clear Weather Curtains For Business

Clear weather curtains from Fenetex are designed to let business owners open up their outdoor seating areas to their customers. Regardless of the weather, businesses that install one of Fenetex’s clear weather curtains can let their customers enjoy the great outdoors. What’s more, is that our clear weather curtains function as panorama windows. Panorama windows all for a wide-open view while protecting from the weather. It’s like being outdoors without really being outdoors. This allows patio areas to be comfortable regardless of the season.

Enjoy A Crystal Clear View

Does your business have a nice view of the outdoors? Our clear weather curtains cover the entirety of the window or opening, allowing your customers to soak in the view year-round. An obstructed view is a thing of the past with Fenetex Clear Weather Curtains.

Easy To Use

There’s no complicated aspect of our Clear Weather Curtains. Fenetex Clear Weather Curtains can be motorized, allowing them to be deployed at the push of a button. They can be operated and monitored from anywhere in the world, or even deployed automatically when the unexpected occurs. Know that your business and it’s outdoor dining or seating space is protected with Fenetex. Additionally, Fenetex’s screens can be easily adjusted using just a Philips head screwdriver. This is an important aspect of weather curtains due to the fact that the track will contract or expand depending on the weather.


Fenetex makes the longest lasting retractable screen in the industry, with an included warranty for each unit. Our clear weather curtains are designed with the same engineering and craftsmanship as our heavy duty hurricane screens. This means that they can last in winds of up to 75 Miles Per hour before they begin to fail. In the event that they do, just give us a call with your warranty in hand, and we’ll get to work replacing your unit or units.

Choose Fenetex For Clear Weather Curtains

Fenetex is the number one provider of retractable screens in the United States. We offer screens for hurricane protection, shade, insect protection, or simply to enjoy the outdoors like our clear weather curtain. Want to learn more? Give us a call at (904) 437-5168 or contact us online to learn more about Fenetex.