Fenetex Dual Screens Are Perfect For Protecting Outdoor Dining Or Event Spaces

Owners of restaurants with large, outdoor dining spaces, or venues with sizeable outdoor event areas know how important the comfort of diners and event-goers can be. With Fenetex retractable dual screens, we offer several different solutions in terms of keeping the guests of your business as comfortable as possible. Insect screens and retractable shades that protect your guests from the elements. Hurricane screens that protect the structural integrity of your space. Fenetex has a retractable screen solution that’s right for any business. Learn more about our commercial retractable screen solutions in this post from the Fenetex blog.

Insect + Shade Retractable Screens

Who wants to deal with the blazing sun and pesky bugs while they’re trying to enjoy a meal or an event? Nobody does, and that’s why at Fenetex, we’ve created a solution to make both of these a nonissue for guests of your business. This dual-screen system allows you to fend off any intrusive insects. At the same time, compromising the temperature of your outdoor dining area or event space will not occur. Our insect + shade retractable screen works to block the harmful, penetrating rays of the sun. Additionally, maximizing the airflow that the area can receive. This allows guests to experience the most enjoyment possible from your outdoor space.

Insect + Clear Weather Curtains

Our insect and clear weather curtains are an excellent fit for outdoor spaces, regardless of the season. If it gets cold out, deploy our clear weather curtains and turn the heat up. If it gets hot, our clear weather curtain will trap the cool air inside while stopping warm air from getting in the outdoor area. While our clear weather curtain is regulating the temperature of your outdoor space, our insect screen is preventing any invasive insects from finding their way on the food of diners and in the faces of event-goers.

Insect + Hurricane Screens

In South Florida, where the Fenetex headquarters is located, hurricanes can be a severe issue for restaurant or venue owners. Hurricanes threaten the area every single year, and when they do make landfall, the damages can be substantial. With our hurricane screens, you can protect the outdoor space of your business from the most intense hurricanes that the Atlantic ocean has to offer. Our hurricane screens are rated to withstand winds in high-velocity hurricane zones by the State of Florida. For those not located in areas threatened by hurricanes, our hurricane screens can protect from windstorms and blizzards, and will also keep snow off the patio during the winter. Our hurricane and insect screens will protect your home from severe weather and pesky insect invaders at the same time.

Choose Fenetex To Protect Your Home From Insects, Weather, And More

At Fenetex, we specialize in installing retractable screens for a variety of uses. Is your business located near a body of water? We recommend one of our insect screens. Is your business located within a high-velocity hurricane zone? Our hurricane screens can provide an unmatched level of protection to your property. Combine 2 of these screens to create the perfect outdoor dining area or event space for your business in terms of comfort and protection. Learn more about Fenetex residential retractable screens – contact us online or give us a call at (904) 437-5168.