Benefits Of Installing A Retractable Screen For Florida Outdoor Areas

Fenetex offers a number of different retractable screens that can be used for the outdoor dining areas of restaurants, coffee shops, and more. In Florida, the elements can be quite harsh on the patrons of your restaurant or another establishment with an outdoor area. Car dealerships, schools, and more have taken advantage of Fenetex’s retractable screens. There are tons of applications for our retractable screens when installed at your business. Continue reading this post from the Fenetex blog to learn more.

Insect Screens

Florida has no shortage of creepy crawlers and insects that want to ‘bug’ the patrons of your business. Flies, mosquitos, beetles and more can definitely make their presence felt in the outdoor areas of Florida businesses. Some business owners think there’s no true solution, but there absolutely is. Thanks to Fenetex, the concern of bugs annoying your customers are over. Our insect screens completely eliminate the ability of bugs flying around in your outdoor area. They’ll never make it into your area in the first place. That’s what makes Fenetex’s insect screens such a great solution for warding off insects.

Retractable Shades

It goes without saying, Florida, the Sunshine State, can get brutally hot year-round. Even in December, the temperatures can sometimes reach 80 degrees or higher. This makes outdoor areas of many businesses virtually inhabitable – that is until one of Fenetex’s retractable shades is installed at your business. Fenetex’s retractable shades can reduce the rays from the sun in your outdoor area by 90% or more, depending on the area. This reduction of the sun’s rays can result in temperatures 15 degrees or more cooler than outside of the area with the shade. Reduce the temperature of your outdoor area and increase its comfortability with retractable shades from Fenetex.

Hurricane Screens

In Florida, hurricanes are a threat six months out of the year. While shutters are the popular method of protection, hurricane screens have been increasing in popularity as of recent years. This is due to the fact that your business will not be pitch black since hurricane screens can be seen through. Hurricane screens offer the same protection as aluminum rolling shutters but offer translucency.

Choose Fenetex To Improve The Comfortability Of Your Outdoor Area

Fenetex’s retractable screens offer a number of benefits for business owners. If your business has a nice outdoor area, you want it to be enjoyed. Unfortunately, Florida’s weather and environment can sometimes make being outside quite unpleasant. Would you like to learn more about how Fenetex’s retractable screens can benefit your business? Give us a call at (904) 437-5168, or contact us online.